Colloquium in Plant Genetics and Breeding: Polyploidy


Seminar Announcement

Department of Plant Agriculture
Colloquium in Plant Genetics and Breeding: Polyploidy

Date: Friday 13 March 2020
Time: 3pm
Location: CRSC 121B

Title: Homeolog Expression Bias and its Implications for Crop Adaptation

Name: Cory Schilling


Polyploidy is an important evolutionary process that plays a significant role in generating genetic diversity. After polyploidization, polyploids must reconcile the doubling of chromosome pairs to ensure proper function of regulatory machinery. How this reconciliation occurs is still not well understood, but studies of homeolog expression bias (HEB) may help us better understand the relationship between polyploidization and the divergence of gene function. This seminar will provide an overview of the underlying principles of polyploidy and HEB in plants, followed by a review of some key studies illustrating how HEB impacts gene expression. An investigation of the theorized mechanistic causes of HEB will also be presented. Lastly, potential implications of HEB for crop adaptation to climate change will be discussed.


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