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Maxwell Jones
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B.Sc., University of Guelph;
M.Sc. University of Guelph;
Ph.D. University of British Columbia


Edmund C. Bovey Building


4221 ECB

One of the fundamental characteristics of plant cells is that they are totipotent.  This means that each individual cell has the potential to regenerate into an entire plant.  This concept is the basis of vegetative plant propagation and a variety of approaches used in crop improvement with far reaching economic and cultural implications.  However, while plant cells are totipotent in theory, it is not possible to realize this potential in many plant species and techniques need to be developed on a case by case basis.  My primary research interest is to better understand why some plants are recalcitrant and to develop new approaches to establish integrated plant production systems for applications in plant conservation and the horticultural industry.  Some of the major projects I am currently involved in include:

3D Printing to Develop New Micropropagation Systems

3D printing micropropagation systemsMicropropagation has been used for the mass production of clean planting material for decades.  While methods have been refined over this time period, especially culture medium and plant growth regulators, the basic system has remained relatively static and some limitations inherent to the design remain.  3D printing provides a new way to rapidly design, produce, and test prototypes.  Using this technology, we have developed a new modular culture system that addresses many of the limitations identified in standard micropropagation systems.   While this system is under continued development to produce and refine more modules for further improvement, 2 patents have been filed and the product has been launched commercially through we vitro.  This technology is being used to manipulate and study the effects of various environmental factors on plant growth and development.

Cannabis Biotechnology

Cannabis Biotechnology The recent legalization of Cannabis has led to a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada.  However, due to the long history of prohibition many technologies that are commonplace in other crops are only in early development for Cannabis.  Since receiving a Health Canada Research License in Sept, 2018, we have been actively engaged in developing modern biotechnological tools for Cannabis including micropropagation for clean plant production, cryopreservation for long term genetic storage, and other technologies in demand by the industry.



AGR*2500 Field Course in International Agriculture
HORT*3150 Principles and Applications of Plant Propagation

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Selected Publications:

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