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M.Sc. (Hort.) TamilNadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India
Ph.D. University of Florida



123 VINE

This program mainly aims at developing new varieties of peach, plum, nectarine and cherries to meet the Ontario fruit industry needs. Apart from continuing traditional breeding that is in place for a long time at Vineland Station, my program also will incorporate recent advances in cell culture and molecular genetics to complement fruit breeding. One of the near term objective is to find ways to control the spread of plum pox virus by utilizing the genetic resources that are available here as well as in other tree fruit breeding programs in the US and Europe.


Selected Publications: 

Characterization of gibberellin-signalling elements during plum fruit ontogeny defines the essentiality of gibberellin in fruit development.  I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, W El Kayal, A Mahboob, K Abubaker, P Ravindran, AP Jyoti Prakash, PP Kumar, S Jayasankar Plant Molecular Biology 89:399-413; DOI: 10.1007/s11103-013-0139-8    2014


Cloning and differential expression of a plum single repeat-MYB, PdMYB3, in compatible and incompatible interactions during fungal infection A El-kereamy, S Jayasankar Canadian Journal of Plant Science 93 (4), 599-605     2013


PpERF3b, a transcriptional repressor from peach, contributes to disease susceptibility and side branching in EAR-dependent and-independent fashions S Sherif, I El-Sharkawy, G Paliyath, S Jayasankar Plant cell reports, 32: 1111-1124       2013


Identification and genetic characterization of a gibberellin 2-oxidase gene that controls tree stature and reproductive growth in plum I El-Sharkawy, W El Kayal, D Prasath, H Fernández, M Bouzayen, AM Svircev, S Jayasankar Journal of experimental botany 63 (3), 1225-1239   8  2012


Molecular characterization of peach PR genes and their induction kinetics in response to bacterial infection and signaling molecules S Sherif, G Paliyath, S Jayasankar Plant cell reports, 1-15       4  2012


Differential expression of peach ERF transcriptional activators in response to signaling molecules and inoculation with Xanthomonas campestris pv. pruni
S Sherif, I El-Sharkawy, G Paliyath, S Jayasankar Journal of plant physiology 169 (7), 731-739    3  2012


Expression of auxin-binding protein1 during plum fruit ontogeny supports the potential role of auxin in initiating and enhancing climacteric ripening
I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, A Mahboob, K Abubaker, M Bouzayen, S Jayasankar Plant cell reports 31 (10), 1911-1921     1  2012

Ethephon-Induced Abscission of “Redhaven” Peach A Taheri, JA Cline, S Jayasankar, PK Pauls American Journal of Plant Sciences 3 (2), 295-301     2012


A WD-repeat gene from peach (Prunus persica L.) is a functional ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana TRANSPARENT TESTA GLABRA1 A Taheri, S Jayasankar, JA Cline, MN Raizada, PK Pauls In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant 48 (1), 23-29    2012


Prunus domestica pathogenesis-related protein-5 activates the defense response pathway and enhances the resistance to fungal infection A El-Kereamy, I El-Sharkawy, R Ramamoorthy, A Taheri, D Errampalli, P Kumar, S Jayasankar PloS one 6 (3), e17973       18  2011


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Essential oil extracted from peach Prunus persica kernel and its physicochemical and antioxidant properties H Wu, J Shi, S Xue, Y Kakuda, D Wang, Y Jiang, X Ye, Y Li, S Jayasankar  LWT-Food Science and Technology 44 (10), 2032-2039   4  2011

Cloning and characterization of PR5 gene from Curcuma amada and Zingiber officinale in response to Ralstonia solanacearum infection D Prasath, I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, KS Tiwary, S Jayasankar Plant cell reports 30 (10), 1799-1809     3  2011


Hexanal and 1-MCP treatments for enhancing the shelf life and quality of sweet cherry Prunus avium L. M Sharma, JK Jacob, S Jayasankar, G Paliyath Scientia Horticulturae 125 (3), 239-247     18  2010

Regulation of two germin-like protein genes during plum fruit development I El-Sharkawy, I Mila, M Bouzayen, S Jayasankar Journal of experimental botany 61 (6), 1761-1770   12  2010


Molecular characterization of seven genes encoding ethylene-responsive transcriptional factors during plum fruit development and ripening I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, I Mila, M Bouzayen, S Jayasankar Journal of Experimental Botany 60 (3), 907-922    38  2009

Expression analysis of a plum pathogenesis related 10 (PR10) protein during brown rot infection A El-kereamy, S Jayasankar, A Taheri, D Errampalli, G Paliyath
Plant cell reports 28 (1), 95-102      16  2009


Differential regulation of four members of the ACC synthase gene family in plum I El-Sharkawy, WS Kim, S Jayasankar, AM Svircev, DCW Brown Journal of experimental botany 59 (8), 2009-2027   23  2008

Phospholipase D inhibition technology for enhancing shelf life and quality G Paliyath, S Jayasankar Postharvest Biology and Technology of Fruits, Vegetable, and Flowers, 443   2008


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Characterization of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of grapevine (Vitis spp.) using the green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene Z Li, S Jayasankar, NJ Barnett, DJ Gray                    In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol 35      6  1999

Characterization of embryogenic mango cultures selected for resistance to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides culture filtrate and phytotoxin S Jayasankar, RE Litz Theoretical and Applied Genetics 96 (6), 823-831   46  1998


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