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Attention Plant Ag Students!

The 20th annual Project SOY event is here! If you aren't familiar with Project SOY, it is an annual competition that asks University of Guelph students to come up with new uses for Ontario soybeans or a new marketing strategy for a pre-existing soybean product. The event is put on by the Office of Research at the University and is a way to instill the critical thinking and research skills that you use every day in your studies.

Once you register, by November 13th, you will continue modifying your product until the March 18th finale. This finale is where you get to show off the product you have created to the judges, other industry leaders and faculty members that attend this event.

Cash rewards of $2,500, $1,000 and $500 will be awarded to first, second and third place, respectively, in three categories – diploma, undergraduate and graduate.

Checkout for more information and to see what teams have entered in the past - Plant Ag students have done very well in this competition in the past:

Rajendran Muthuraj and Oscar Valerio 2014/15 1st place Grad Student Category
Michael Snowdon, Eugene Enriquez, Vida Poursorkhabi and Qirui Sun, 2014/15 2nd place Grad Student Category

Vida Poursorkhabi and Ghodsieh Mashouf - 2013/14 2nd place Grad Student Category
Hae Won Kim - 2013/14 3rd place Grad Student Category

It is a great opportunity for students to practice their research and product development skills, as well as a way to network with industry leaders and win some prize money!

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