2014 Practical Farming Conference


Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and Dr. Ralph Martin spoke about sustainable faming and local food systems in Ontario at the 2014 Practical Farming Conference at the University of Guelph on October 4th.

Joel Salatin is the 3rd generation farmer of Polyface Farms which produces food for more than 5,000 families, 10 retail outlets, and 50 restaurants through its “Salad Bar Beef, Pastured Poultry, Eggmobile Eggs, and Pigaerator Pork”. Joel is the author of eight books and numerous articles. He has led seminars and courses that have influenced thousands of people to change the way they eat, spend, farm and live. http://www.polyfacefarms.com/

Ralph Martin, professor and Loblaw Chair in Sustainable Food Production at the of University of Guelph has a special interest in producing enough food to meet dietary needs today, while preserving productive capacity for future generations, based on multiple cropping systems, efficient use of nitrogen, forage agronomy and pasture management.

Check out this video about the conference created by David Borish.  The video even features some Undergrads from Marth Gay's HORT3510 at the weekly organic market!