Ontario Pest Management Conference 2014


The Ontario Pest Management Conference, held annually in November, is the latest embodiment of a meeting held for many years in Ontario. Until 1998, the Ontario Crop Protection Committee, a principal committee of the Ontario Agricultural Services Co-ordinating Committee, convened a 2-day session to discuss crop protection progress, problems and priorities of the Ontario agricultural industry. In 1998, provincial departmental changes resulted in restructuring of the meeting to a 1-day session continued on an ad hoc basis as the Ontario Crop Protection Conference (OCPC). To provide more structure and continuity for the OCPC, a steering committee was established in the Fall 2002, comprised of members from the University of Guelph, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Agri-Chemical Industry. This Committee felt it most important to expand the scope of the OCPC beyond its traditional function as a forum for discussion of chemical control of pests of agricultural crops. Accordingly, on 25 February, 2003, the current designation, the Ontario Pest Management Conference (OPMC) was adopted with the first conference following on 6 November, 2003. The OPMC has subsequently been convened annually during the first two weeks of November.

Ontario Pest Management Conference, 2014