MSc Defense - William Sutton


Interested Members of the University Community are invited to attend the Final Oral Examination for the Degree of Master of Science of  William Sutton

Of the Department of Plant Agriculture
On Friday, November 30th at 10:00 AM
In Room 202, Crop Science Building

Thesis Title: Optimizing Sulphur Delivery to Sub-irrigated, Pot-Grown Chrysanthemums

Advisory Committee
Dr. Barry Shelp, Co-Advisor
Dr. Gale Bozzo, Co-advisor
Prof. William MacDonald                                 

Examination Committee
Dr. Peter Pauls, Chair
Dr. Barry Shelp
Dr. Gale Bozzo
Dr. John Cline


Greenhouse floriculture operations pose significant environmental risk due to the extensive use of fertilizer inputs and the generation of nutrient-rich wastewater. Here, we tested the hypothesis that sulphur (S) use efficiency of sub-irrigated, pot-grown chrysanthemums varies with supply and timing of S application. Two split-plot experiments (four blocks) were conducted with disbudded chrysanthemums grown under greenhouse conditions with S treatment (2.25 mmol L-1 supplied continuously over the crop cycle or 2.25, 1.125 and 0.5625 mmol L-1 S supplied during vegetative growth only) as the main plot and cultivar (‘Olympia’ and ‘Covington’) as the sub-plot. Morphological characteristics of plants with fully-expanded inflorescences were unaffected by S treatment. Construction of S and dry mass budgets revealed that S use efficiency increased significantly in both cultivars with decreasing S supply over the crop cycle. This study indicates that S delivery over the crop cycle can be markedly reduced, compared to typical commercial recommendations.