MidWest Tour 2015 Information Meeting


MidWest Tour 2015 Informational Meeting
C R O P * 4 2 6 0 / P L N T * 6 4 5 0

Plant Agriculture Field Trip

The Plant Agriculture Field Trip course, which is better known around campus as the Midwest Tour, is a field study course designed to increase the student's breadth of knowledge of agricultural production and agribusiness in North America. Students in the course tour a selected area of the midwest United States prior to the fall semester, visiting cash crop and livestock farms, supporting industries (e.g. processing, manufacturing) and markets (e.g. elevators, stockyards).

Over a two week period students will travel by bus through the American Midwest as far west as Denver Colorado and as far south as the boot heel of Missouri. During that time they will have the opportunity to visit and talk with top crop and livestock producers. They will be exposed to crops and livestock that are common in Ontario but also to ones that are less familiar such as rice, cotton and catfish. In addition they will learn about US government programs and visit agribusinesses such as the Chicago Board of Trade and an elevator on the Mississippi.

Prerequisites: 12.50 credits including AGR 2470 + a cumulative average of 65% and instructor consent required.