Guelph WaterCity 2040


Guelph WaterCity 2040

Join Waterlution for this first workshop in a series to explore future scenarios for the city of Guelph.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 , 6:30-9:00PM
Guelph City Hall, Meeting Room C, 1 Carden Street

Free with registration:

Our provocateurs for the evening are Wayne Galliher , Water Conservation Project Manager for the City of Guelph and Mary-Kate Gilbertson, Director of Partnerships, eMERGE Guelph

The WaterCity 2040 series is multi-stakeholder scenario planning initiative launched in September 2014 . These workshops will bring together community and decision makers to collaborate, envision and design plausible futures and then identify the necessary steps to create these futures. Using Waterlution’s facilitation processes, we will activate the knowledge, creativity and skills of young professionals as they work alongside current decision-makers to co-develop a 25-year water vision. This opportunity merges innovative ideas, design thinking and social change around topics of water (quality and quantity), environment, health, and sustainability challenges. This is a first-of-its kind open and cross-sector consultation with Canadians in urban centres to design the future they want for their city, while considering possible futures, factors, shocks and trends and how resilience could be built towards these.

You do not have to be a water "expert" to join us. We are looking for a diversity of thinkers and backgrounds to reflect the larger system - so please share this opportunity widely.

About scenario planning:

Scenarios are stories about what could happen in the future. Scenario planning allows for community and decision makers to work with possible futures to influence the actual future by offering plausible, relevant, clear and comprehensive stories that can be extremely useful in conversations between stakeholders. Waterlution will work on bringing diverse stakeholders into the process.

About Waterlution:

Waterlution inspires pattern-making and pattern-breaking change towards a healthy and sustainable relationship with water. We develop dynamic communities of action by providing opportunities for leadership development and multi-stakeholder dialogue around local, regional and national water issues. Waterlution Hubs are all about building robust communities of effective water leadership. Based in select cities across Canada, they are networks of water-focused change-makers who learn from one another and build each others’ capacity to make real change towards the sustainable management of water resources and watersheds in their communities.