Bill Deen

Bill Deen
Associate Professor (retired)



B.Sc. University of Guelph;
M.Sc. University of Guelph;
Ph.D. University of Guelph


Crop Science Building


Long-term rotation trial, established 1980, Elora Research Station, Ontario

Long-term rotation trial, established 1980, Elora Research Station, Ontario

The focus of my research program was to develop agroecosystems that are both productive and sustainable.  Over the years I have studied mechanisms underlying carbon cycling, nutrient cycling and yield of crop production systems as influenced by crop species, tillage system, crop rotation, and cover crops.  I over saw several long-term trials, including a rotation trial (est 1980), tillage trial (est. 1976), and a nitrogen in maize trial (est 2008).  I had initiated research to examine the above mechanisms in bioenergy crop systems, particularly C4 perennial grass production.  In 2008 I initiated a long-term perennial C4 grass for biomass trial (est 2008).

Note: as of October 30, 2020 Dr. Deen has retired and is no longer running a research program. He is no longer supervising graduate students or accepting inquiries.


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Selected Publications:

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