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Graduate Teaching Overview

My research program engages graduates students in various aspects of our pomological studies. Students typically work on a single crop (peach, apple, cherry, etc) and develop their thesis around a specific question(s). Topics range form factors that determine yield and fruit quality of tree fruit crops, as well as environmental issues surrounding tree fruit production. For example, ongoing projects include the use of new, dwarfing peach and cherry rootstocks, irrigation scheduling, plant bio-regulators, and new methods to thin peaches. An array of research facilities are available to students: orchards (Vineland, Simcoe), greenhouses (Vineland, Simcoe, Guelph), and labs (Vineland, Simcoe, Guelph).  Thesis projects will be determined by consultation with students, available funding and resources, and suitability to completed the thesis in the allotted study time.