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Simcoe Campus

Simcoe campus

The Simcoe Campus of the University of Guelph, Department of Plant Agriculture has 86.8 hectares of land on the edge of the highly productive Norfolk sand plain in the central Erie region. Its mission is to help strengthen the fruit and vegetable industries in the potentially highly productive zone along the north shore of Lake Erie.

Simcoe operates research programs covering vegetables, fruits, and various alternative crops for the sandy tobacco soils of the area. The ratio of research input is about 70 % vegetables and 30 % fruit, which reflects the approximate distribution of horticultural production in the Lake Erie counties.

The Department of Plant Agriculture Simcoe Campus, 1283 Blueline Road, is located 5 kilometers east of Simcoe adjacent to Highway 3. To reach the main entrance exit Highway 3 north on Blueline Road.

For more information about research programmes at Simcoe see our Sept 2008 newsletter ( 2.9 Mb)

Simcoe campus

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