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The Pomology research team consists of Dr. John Cline, Associate Professor and Debbie Norton, technician, here in the Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph. The research program's focus is to conduct tree fruit physiology research on apples in Simcoe, Ontario and peaches, cherries and plums in Vineland, Ontario. It is through the support staff at Simcoe, under station manager Wally Andres and at Vineland, under station manger  Ray Kaczmarski, which allows for the day to day support of the program at these two locations. Graduate Students in the program conduct their studies on the main campus in Guelph, but carry out their research at either the Simcoe campus or Vineland campus or both. It is through the work of this whole team that let's us do what we do, providing research and innovation to help the Ontario fruit industry and growers produce high-quality fruit in an economically sustainable way while competing globally.