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Clarence J. Swanton - Research Projects

Interaction of light quality with environmental stresses on plant phenology and off-spring fitness.
funded by NSERC (2003-2006)

Persistence of recombinant DNA from genetically modified corn and soybean.
funded by NSERC (2003-2007) with J.N. Klironomos, K.P. Pauls, and J.T Trevors

Soil nitrogen effect on weed management.
funded by NSERC (2004-2005) and DuPont Canada (2003-2005) with C. Hall

An agronomic and economic assessment of atrazine and alternative herbicide strategies for weed. control in Ontario corn production.
funded by the Ontario Corn Producers' (2002-2004)

Integrated weed management in Field and Muck Crops of Ontario.
funded by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (2002-2006)

Early season weed control in corn.
funded by Syngenta (2003-2004)