Raizada Laboratory Internal Resources

1. Lab Safety
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Raizada Laboratory Stocks

1. Lab Safety

Emergencies: call 52000

List of People Trained in First Aid/CPR:

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Search Engine

Raizada General Lab Safety Policy Agreement (PDF)

Raizada Lab Recombinant DNA and Transgenic Seed Handling Policy and Agreement (PDF)

Top 10 Safety Guidelines to Remember:
1. All alcohol or flammables must be stored in the Flammables Cabinet, not on your bench or in a fridge/freezer.
2. Lab safety goggles must be worn at all times, except in the computer room.
3. No open-toe shoes are allowed. 
4. Keep long hair tied back.
5. No food or drink is allowed in the lab, except in the Computer Room.
6. The microwave in the main lab is NOT for heating up food. There is a microwave for food in the 3rd floor lounge.
7. All plasticware in contact with recombinant materials (e.g. bacteria) must be autoclaved.  Recombinant bacteria liquids must be pre-treated with bleach for >5 minutes or autoclaved prior to disposal down the sink.
8. All transgenic seed or transgenic plant material must be autoclaved prior to disposal.
9. Ethidium bromide handling is only permitted on the Electrophoresis Bench, and any contacted plasticware must be disposed of in the EtBr container located on this bench.
10. If you are working with a chemical that emits an odour or anything flammable or volatile (e.g. phenol, chloroform), use the chemical flow hood at the back of the lab.

Department Policies for autoclaves, gas cylinders, ethidium bromide, flammable solvents and ethanol:

Environmental Health and Safety

CFIA Transgenic Plant Guidelines and Links to Shipping/Obtaining Transgenic Seed


2. Frequently Asked Questions

Which staff does what?






Beth Livingstone

CS Main Office



Keys, petty cash reimbursements

Jen Kingswell

CS Main Office



Payroll (except for grad students)

Angela Hill

CS Main Office



photocopy card recharging, room reservations, help with courier, projector reservations, stationary supplies

Jean Wolting

Bovey 1105



graduate student issues including grad payroll

Agnes Belosic

CS first floor, next to elevators
Room 102



Ordering supplies, receiving

Dietmar Scholz

CS first floor, back of building
Room 135



Greenhouses, plant growth chamber reservations and settings; and lab repairs.

Donna Hancock

CS Room 118



Greenhouses, plant growth chambers

Jim Hoare

Crop Sci 207



computers, networking, software specialist, email accounts

Mike Peppard

Bovey 3103



I.T. specialist, Department Webmaster

Autoclave. Is there an extra autoclave?
Yes, feel free to use the autoclaves in the common equipment rooms on the second and fourth floors.

Computer: What do I do if a lab computer is broken/has crashed?
Contact Jim Hoare (Crop Science 207, see above)

Computer.  Is there a place to back-up my files?
Yes, you can back them up on the Department Novell Server or on the Raizada lab server: Look for the “LabSpace” folder located on each MNR computer desktop, create a subfolder for yourself, and then copy.

Computer.  How do I transfer files from one MNR computer to another?
All the computers are connected to a common hard drive, called LabSpace. Look for the “LabSpace” folder located on each MNR computer desktop, create a subfolder for yourself, and then copy.

Cylinders. Where do I obtain CO2 or helium cylinders from?
Contact Dietmar Scholz or Manish. They are stored, locked, on the first floor next to the elevators.

Dry Ice. Where is the dry ice?
We make our own at the back of the lab.

The elevators are locked at the front of the building after 5pm.  After that time, use them from the back doors, but be sure to press both buttons.

The University Emergency Number is 52000

Enzymes/Kits (BioBar): Is there a campus source for enzymes, molecular kits?
Yes, it is called the Biobar store, located in Room 110 of the New Science Complex, and we try to keep a catalog of their products. You must obtain a purchase order from Angela Hill BEFORE you go to the Biobar. Call ahead to check for availability.  Check out their website for the supplies they carry:
BioBar link: http://www.uoguelph.ca/~biobar/
Biobar Phone: 53816
BioBar Hours: Mon-Fri 1:15pm-3:15pm

There is a microwave for food in the 3rd floor lounge – do not use the microwave in the lab which is for agarose gels only.  Feel free to store food in the freezer located in the computer room. There is a vending machine (drinks only) on the first floor.  After hours, there are vending machines in the University Centre.  Gryphs (Hockey Arena, next door) is often open late as is the Grad Lounge (University Centre) and both serve food.  Creelman Hall has excellent food and is a nice change from University Centre.  The library has a Williams Coffee Pub open until 10pm on weekdays.  Check out food options/menus/hours on campus at: http://www.hospitality.uoguelph.ca/onCampusDining.htm
All staff can obtain an Express Plus Credit account from Hospitality Services, a type of credit card for food on campus, which gives you a 10% discount.  For more info, go to: http://www.hospitality.uoguelph.ca/expressPlusAccount.htm

Freezer. Is there a back-up –80C freezer?
Yes, there is one located in the second-floor Common Equipment Room for emergency storage or when defrosting.

Growth Chambers/Greenhouse Space?
You must reserve space with Dietmar Scholz in advance (see above).  The lab pays for growth space by the month and it is very expensive.  As soon as your project is complete, please let Dietmar know, so that we stop being charged.

Ice. Where are the ice makers?
Located in all 3 common rooms on each floor.

Liquid Nitrogen. Where is the liquid nitrogen?
Second floor common room.  If the tank is empty, it takes several hours for the new dispenser to build up sufficient pressure.

Ordering. How do I order supplies?
Please write down your orders on the “Task” sheet hanging inside the lab.  Alternatively, if you are not an undergrad, then access the “Purchase Requisition” file on one of the lab computers.  This database allows you to search for all previous purchases using FileMakerPro.  Print out two hard copies: place one copy in Agnes Belosic’s mailbox and a second copy inside the Ordering Binder.

Photocopying and photocopy cards. How do I recharge these cards?
See Angela Hill in the Main Office to recharge the cards which are located inside the lab.  The photocopy machine is located across from the Main Office.

Posters: How do I get a poster made and how long does it take?
It’s done at The Graphics Studio located in Graham Hall 1312 (basement).  It usually takes 2-3 days, but contact Michael Castledine at x53583.  Then prepare your poster in Powerpoint and email or drop off a CD if the file size is large.  It’s significantly cheaper to get a non-laminated poster which should be considered. Check out the website for more info: http://www.envbio.uoguelph.ca/graphicstudio/
There is also one located in the U.C. (1st floor), but they are more expensive.

Primers: Where do I order primers from?
Check the lab for the current favorite commercial supplier.  Alternatively, Lab Services at 95 Stone Road will usually hand-deliver primers within 24-48 hours.  You order online.  Go to: http://www.uoguelph.ca/labservices/moreInfo.cfm
If you have already used the service, then login at: http://www.uoguelph.ca/labservices/
Email: OLIGO@lsd.uoguelph.ca
Phone: 823-1268

Projector.  How do I reserve a projector?
There is a reservation sheet outside Room 307. See Angela Hill in the Main Office and remember to sign out the equipment in the Main Office Equipment Binder.

Radiation.  Where can I do hot work?
The radiation facility is located on the 4th floor of the Crop Science Building. You must be licensed to use this facility. No radioactive materials are allowed inside any other room of the building, including the Raizada Lab.

Reimbursements.  How do I get reimbursed?
For expenses less than $80, please keep all receipts and obtain an instant cash reimbursement from Beth Livingstone next to the Main Office.  Please see Manish for an account number if you are not sure. For expenses greater than $80 (such as travel), you need to complete a Reimbursement Form and hand this in to Angela Hill in the Main Office. Please see Manish. 

Room Reservations. Which rooms need to be reserved and how do I do this?
Rooms 307 and 302A need to be reserved.  There is a Room Reservation binder located in the Main Office next to the half-window nearest to the Lounge area.

Seed storage.  Where do I store my seeds?
We store Arabidopsis seeds in the computer room at room temperature.  Maize seeds are stored in the chilled Seed Storage Facility located on the first floor of the Crop Science Building.

Sequencing: Is there a DNA sequencing facility on campus?
Yes, Lab Services at 95 Stone Road (823-1268).  For more info, go to: http://www.uoguelph.ca/labservices/moreInfo.cfm
If you have already used the service, then login at: http://www.uoguelph.ca/labservices/
Email: Sequence@lsd.uoguelph.ca
Phone: 823-1268

Supplies.  How do I obtain stationary, lab notebooks, cds etc?
Please do not feel shy about asking as you should not be buying these from your own money.  Many of these are available in the Main Office including paper, binders, printer cartridges, Cds, pens, etc.  Please see Manish or Jen Kingswell in the Main Office.

Supplies. Where do I obtain paper towels, benchcoat, bleach, alcohol and other basic supplies?
These are located in the storeroom on the first floor next to the elevator.  Speak to a more senior person first.  Alcohol has restricted access.


3. Raizada Laboratory Stocks

Arabidopsis Seed Stock Database – located on hard drives as FileMaker Pro File
Maize Seed Stock Database – located on hard drives as FileMaker Pro File
Vector/Plasmid Maps – Binder located in computer room
Primers – Binder located in computer room
Chemicals – up-to-date inventory located outside computer room
Enzymes – up-to-date inventory located on enzyme freezer
Plasmid(nonglycerol) stocks – Manish has 4 boxes of additional plasmids, including cassettes and vectors

Glycerol Stocks (-80C Freezer) (Updated March, 2006)


  1. Agro. 35S-C19 suppressor of ptgs. (Strommer, Apr. 11/05)
  2. pMBL5 Leeds, UK
  3. pMBL6, Leeds, UK
  4. clone 1480, Theologis, Berkeley
  5. clone 1481, Theologis, Berkeley
  6. clone 1490, Theologis, Berkeley
  7. pBlue SK-, glycerol, 17/7/01
  8. pA/B5,  Stanford, glycerol
  9. pBlue KS
  10. pAHC20
  11. pAC62 cdc 2a
  12. pICKI
  13. pPC86 ICK2
  14. pBIN35S mGFPE ER
  15. Gene’s XL-1 Blue
  16. GL 11-2
  17. Stratagene’s XL-1 Blue
  18. pAHC25, Berkeley
  19. 35S-GFP ER, Haselfoff, Cambridge
  20. VAS-GFP ER, Haselhoff, Cambridge
  21. GL 24-3 VAS in pBlue SK
  22. pOBD-2, U. Wash.
  23. pOAD, U. Wash.
  24. pLUG3, Jan. 29/02
  25. pBI 426, Jan. 29/02
  26. GL 20-9, Jan. 29/02
  27. pGEM 3Z
  28. GAL4VP16 VAS-GFP, Haselhoff, Cambridge
  29. pACYC 184
  30. Gene’s XL-1 Blue
  31. pOK12
  32. pAR35-GFPC 612
  33. CL1-4 TIRb-mut B
  34. pAR35 – GFP – LN 615
  35. Gene’s XL-1 – Blue
  36. Par35 gfp lc 613
  37. PH 24 M. Jordan
  38. pAR35 GFPN 614
  39. pZM104A # 616
  40. Gene’s XL-1 Blue Dec. 2001
  41. Stratagene’s XL-1 Blue Dec./01
  42. pMB3 DH5a Amp50, Stanford
  43. pAHC20 DH5a Amp50, Berkeley
  44. GL44 – 54, VAS – intron – GFP nos
  45. GL32 – 25, glycerol stock, 26/3/02
  46. GL 29 – 16, glycerol stock, 26/3/02
  47. GL 35 – 33, glycerol stock, 26/3/02
  48. GL 62 – 9, 21 May 02, RO
  49. GL 59 – 3, 21 May 02, RO
  50. pTAGO pT14A E. coli, 13/5/03
  51. pTAGO pT14B E. coli, 13/5/03
  52. pTAGO pT14A  E. coli, 13/5/03
  53. pTAGO pT14B E. coli, 13/5/03
  54. cycl At..CDBGUS, Boston Univ., J. Celenza
  55. GL 72 – 5, June 10/02, RO
  56. GL 72 – 7, June 10/02, RO
  57. pH1139 pWUS – GAL4 – J408 KanR, D. Jackson
  58. pEZS – CL 31 May 02, RO
  59. Agro GV 3101
  60. pEGAD May 31/02, RO
  61. pEZT – NL May 31/02, RO
  62. pEZT – CL May 31/02, RO
  63. pEZS – NL May 31/02, RO
  64. cyc At..ADBGUS GV3101 Agro (KanR, GenR)
  65. pKM1  DH5a Tert – GUS, KanR, D. Shippen, Texas A&M
  66. pKM1  GV3101 Agro Tert – GUS (GenR, KanR), D. Shippen
  67. GL 72 – 7, Kan Gen GV3101, GALVP16 VAS – LUC
  68. GL 52 – 24
  69. GL 50 – 10
  70. GL 48 – 2
  71. pAHC17, Berkeley (P. Quail), PGEC



  1. pAOV, 15 May 02, RO
  2. pKMB, 15 May 02, RO
  3. pSMB, 15 May 02, RO
  4. pKMB2, 15 May 02, RO
  5. pEGAD, 15 May 02, RO
  6. pSOV2, 15 May 02, RO
  7. GL 56 – 4, 15 May 02, RO
  8. pAOV2, 15 May 02, RO
  9. pSOV, 15 May 02, RO
  10. pSMB2, 15 May 02, RO
  11. GL 108 – 1, Kan
  12. pSK1015  DH5a activation tag, Salk
  13. GL 98 – 2, carbR
  14. pSK1015  in DH5a Feb. 15/05
  15. pBAR 102 in DH5a, Feb. 15/05 – Fluor T-DNA clones
  16. pBAR 100 in DH5a, Feb. 15/05                     “
  17. pBAR 103 in DH5a, Feb. 15/05                     “
  18. pBAR 101 in DH5a, Feb. 15/05                     “
  19. pWDPX – 1, Tet, DH5a
  20. pINI..GFP, Kan, DH5a
  21. pBARA WUS – NLS – GUS, Kan, DH5a
  22. pIN2 – GFP, Kan, DH5a
  23. pActIsGFP, Berkeley
  24. GL 98 – 4, CarbR

     28. CTL 196 Arani K. July 14/04
     29. CTL 616                     “
     30. CTL 630                     “
     31. CTL 110                     “
     32. CTL 607                     “
     33. CTL 621                     “
     34. CTL 315                     “
     35. CTL 113                     “
     36. CTL 643                     “
     37. CTL 112                     “
     38. CTL 160 Arani K. July 14/04
     39. CTL 649                     “
     40. pCTL 88 – 6    “
     41. CTL 453                     “
     42. pCTL 52 – 7   “
     43. CTL 642                     “
     44. pCTL 8 – 1                 “
     45. CTL 641                     “
     46. CTL 649 + CTL 52 – 7,         “
     47. CTL 315 + CTL 52 – 7 = M315, Spec R   

MNR Glycerol Stocks – Box 3 (Dipping)

1. cyc At..ADBGUS  KanR/GenR   GV3101
2. cyc AGUS  GV3101  29/1/04
3. pSK1015  GV3101  activation tag
4. pSK1015   1  1/8/03
5. – 9.  CLV3..GFPER  GV3101  16/7/04
10. – 14.  CLV3..GUS  GV3101  16/7/04
15. & 16.  pSK1015  GV3101  29/1/04
17. & 18.  STM – LOX1139  GUS  KanR/GenR  GV3101 Agro.
19. STM promoter  LOX1139  DH5a  KanR  Dave Jackson
20. – 25.  ARR5..GUS  GV3101  29/1/04
26. GV3101  June 13/02
27. – 31.  GV3101  30/7/03
32. – 40.  DR5  30/7/03
41. 250 ng/ul  10 ul pPZP222 – Pscr – GFP